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If you are a progressive executive, consultant or entrepreneur, the currently available digital venues cannot address your vision, esthetic, strategic objectives, or outline who you are in terms of your personal brand.

Let’s branditYOU®

branditYOU® has a different approach to building your personal or business brand. Once created, your brand can be translated into your personal or business website, web or print advertising, and your social media presence.

branditYOU® combines strategic marketing expertise, business acumen and career coaching to create your personal brand image, along with creative direction that is not available through a typical template or brand development effort.

branditYOU® puts the focus on the collaborative strategic development of these categories, that then can then be interpreted into a custom web concept, brand book or other digital offering.

branditYOU® also offers a membership program to support your needs down the road.


… are you tired of the limited functionality of the “traditional” career branding sites? You are at the top because you can think out of the box, and you have packaged your skills and strategized your movement to create a skill set and capability that is beyond what you’ve done in your past career history. Soon, resumes will be obsolete. “Don’t become a Digital Stereotype,” branditYOU® can differentiate you in a way that shows the sum of the parts, and makes it easy for evolving companies to create a proper place for you in the future of their businesses.


… we know how you think. Virtual fusing of worlds, work and play. “Are you becoming one with your digital being?” You are so ahead of the sites that depict who you are, where you are going … utilize the full scope of creativity and flexibility that can meld your career, entrepreneurial and esthetic worlds into one unique forum that will interact in an evolutionary way as the rest of the planet catches up! branditYOU® can set you up for success with the vision for the future in mind.


… the breadth of what you do is out of reach for most, and not fully understood by the left brain society or workplace org. builders. Is your digital portfolio or personal work website lacking the scope to show your personal esthetic, style and capability? Have you missed out on business or career opportunities because you have been labeled as having specific understandings or esthetics? Is your creative well organized, does it tell the full story and is it worthy of your name? Let branditYOU® build a home for your digital persona that highlight the abilities you have to create within ANY venue or esthetic … and can create the visualization needed for those who are looking to engage you.


… combine your vision with our business practical understanding. Web developers can’t co-mingle sound business strategy into your web presence because that is not their expertise. With branditYOU®, get the benefits of a career strategist and a business marketing expert, along with unique creative direction all focused on YOU and your vision. Is your web presence worthy of you?


… can be a “bad word.” The paradigm of the work force has created a vortex called “Consulting.” Define what you do by branding your skills, capabilities and offerings in a competitive way that will attract the level of client you have been used to working with during your well-developed career. “Are you on the grid, or off the grid?” Don’t get buried on career based networking sites that don’t allow you to showcase your diverse skills and client affiliations gained from a successful consulting trajectory … let us branditYOU®


… you started your business with an idea, and then … you evolved. Have you leveraged what has made you successful? Are you targeting the customer you have, or the customer you want? What are you giving away for free that can be a new revenue stream? branditYOU® will take you through the steps to identify the current state of the business you are in, and properly communicate and position you to maximize future growth. Your creative, copy, language and business alignment needs to stay current. branditYOU® can bring your marketing and web presence into a current state, and stay with you into the future.


‘whois’ branditYOU®

lisa terry
creative architect, branditYOU® co-founder

dog person
drinks 3 cups of coffee a day
65% right brain
20+ years people & business experience
works in the morning when the sun comes up
alter ego: norma rae

Lisa managed businesses with over $750 Million in revenue, has worked for start ups (including her own – BaE Talent Search / The Terry Group LLC) as well as Fortune 1000 companies. She uniquely blends an individual’s persona and voice into the creative and copy for the brand that insights thought, has serious impact, and has humor. Lisa has a refined taste level for imagery and color which has evolved throughout her career in fashion and beauty. Lisa has developed an ability to perfect wording, drawing from her career stop in Human Resources, where finely tuned communication skills are necessary to get the appropriate response.

michael calman
marketing tactician, branditYOU® co-founder

cat person
drinks 1 cup of coffee a day
65% left brain
35+ years luxury retail marketing experience
works at night when the sun goes down
alter ego: steven spielberg

Michael’s background reads like a ‘who’s who’ in retail marketing. Founder of Calman Consulting, LLC, he believes that branding isn’t just for companies anymore, and people need to create the same impact and reach in both business and personal career development. Michael orchestrates through our trademarked branditYOU® discovery process a strategy for marketing that identifies aspects of your business or career objectives that are most important for you to leverage. He quickly analyzes the opportunities, and creates a branding plan that will effectively communicate to your audience what you do, and why you are different.

sum of the parts as a team, lisa & michael craft your personal brand with the expertise of a real time career strategist and a c-level marketing executive. With a twin passion & vision, they give you the key to unlock your future, whether it be as an entrepreneur, an executive, a consultant, a small business person, a creative artist or a Millennial moving through unchartered waters.



let’s branditYOU®

Why shouldn’t you leverage the same honed marketing programs that launched the iconic brands of the last few decades?

assessment & alignment session

(What we need to know) – Identifying Career and/or Business Objectives & Mission · Recognizing Personal and/or Business Style Characteristics · Developing USP & Value Proposition · Elevator Pitch about yourself or company

creating your ‘4b’s of branding

Brand Message, Promise & Tagline
Brand Voice (persona)
Brand Identity (aesthetic, typeface, color palate)
Brand Visuals (logo, email signature, letterhead)

designing & producing 'your website'

Building Multi-Platform Responsive Website  · Strategizing & Obtaining Your Domain Name (individual or company name) · Website Creative Concept & Design · Home Page Branding & Taglines · Graphic Elements · Art Direction · Copywriting · Website Favicon

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